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V.A. - The Best of James Bond 30th Anniversary (1992)

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Artist: Various artists
Album:The Best of James Bond 30th Anniversary
Released: 1992
Genre: OST
Format: eac.ape


As someone who has been a huge James Bond since before he could walk, you can bet I love every aspect of the films, including the music. Many of the theme songs to the films are classics, while the ones that have slipped under the radar remain awesome underrated numbers.

In 1992, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of 1962's "Dr. No", the 2 cd "The Best Of James Bond" was released. Itr included all the theme songs for the movies from 1962's "Dr. No" up to 1989's "License To Kill", as well as a second disc of rarities.

This is an excellent compilation that all 007 fans must have in their collection. You get all the classic Bond themes, such as Shirley Bassey's "Goldfinger", Paul McCartney & Wings' "Live And Let Die", Carly Simon's "Nobody Does It Better", Sheena Easton's "For Your Eyes Only", and Duran Duran'a "A View To A Kill", as well as some lesser heard but equally great songs, such as Nancy Sinatra's luscious theme for "You Only Live Twice", Bassey's sexy rendering of "Diamonds Are Forever" and her mysterious, sweet "Moonraker", Lulu's thrilling "The Man With The Golden Gun", Rita Coolidge's glorious "All Time High", and a-ha's excellent "The Living Daylights". There are a few rough spots (Tom Jones' over the top "Thunderball" and Gladys Knight's awful "License To Kill"), but other than that, it's a nearly flawless compilation.

The second disc is a great treat for hardcore Bond fans. For starters, you get several radio spots for "You Only Live Twice", "Thunderball" and "Live And Let Die", some great instrumental scores, two different recordings of the scrapped "Thunderball" theme song "Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" (sung by Dionne Warwick and Shirley Bassey, respectively), Anthony Newley's boring but coll to have early demo of "Goldfinger", and best of all, Louis Armstrong's absolutely beautiful "We Have All The Time In The World", one of the loveliest songs in music.

It's true that there were Bond films made after 1992 (five to be exact). But as far as their theme songs go, only Tina Turner's theme for "Goldeneye" and Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" (from the recent "Casino Royale"), are worth having. My advice is to get this excellent two cd and download the 2 later numnbers. Then, you will truly have all the best of James Bond.

01. Monty Norman Orchestra / James Bond Theme    [0:01:47.55]
02. Shirley Bassey / Goldfinger    [0:02:49.62]
03. Carly Simon / Nobody Does It Better    [0:03:30.18]
04. Duran Duran / A View To A Kill    [0:03:35.60]
05. Dionne Warwick / Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang    [0:03:04.45]
06. Sheena Easton / For Your Eyes Only    [0:03:05.50]
07. Louis Armstrong / We Have All The Time In The World    [0:03:14.45]
08. Paul McCartney and Wings / Live & Let Die    [0:03:14.07]
09. Rita Coolidge / All Time High    [0:03:03.23]
10. A-Ha / The Living Daylights    [0:04:16.15]
11. Gladys Knight / License To Kill    [0:05:14.72]
12. Matt Monroe / From Russia With Love    [0:02:34.43]
13. Tom Jones / Thunderball    [0:03:03.02]
14. Nancy Sinatra / You Only Live Twice    [0:02:46.70]
15. Shirley Bassey / Moonraker    [0:03:09.63]
16. The John Barry Orchestra / On Her Majesty's Secret Service    [0:02:34.17]
17. Lulu / The Man With The Golden Gun    [0:02:35.33]
18. Shirley Bassey / Diamonds Are Forever    [0:02:42.02]
19. The John Barry Orchestra / 007    [0:02:45.20]

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