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Chicago - Chicago V. 2003. DVD-Audio

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Артист: Chicago
Альбом: Chicago V. DVD-Audio
Издатель: 2003. Rhino / 8122 73842-9
Жанр: Rock
Формат файла: DVDFab ISO, scans-ini-rar
Примечание: с водяными маркерами


1. Hit by Varése
2. All Is Well
3. Now That You've Gone
4. Dialogue, Pt. 1
5. Dialogue, Pt. 2
6. While the City Sleeps
7. Saturday in the Park
8. State of the Union
9. Goodbye
10. Alma Mater
11. Dialogue [Live][*]

A new Chicago, November 10, 2002
By         Brian Christie (Montreal, Canada)
This review is from: Chicago V (Audio CD)
CHICAGO V marked the beginning of a new incarnation of the Chicago sound. After 1971's double CHICAGO III (which depleted their reserves of songs) and the quadruple set CHICAGO AT CARNEGIE HALL, the band decided it was time for a change. Recorded in a mere few days in September 1971, CHICAGO V was released the following July featuring just one disc and ten relatively-shortened tracks. Of course "Saturday In The Park" and "Dialogue (Parts 1 & 2)" are well-known to Chicago aficionados, but what about the rest? Chicago basically merged their freewheeling avant-garde and melodic tendencies together to create classics like "A Hit By Varese", "All Is Well", "Now That You're Gone" and "Goodbye". Robert Lamm hit his peak on this album, authoring a staggering 8 of the 10 tracks. The album's enormous acceptance was evidenced by its incredible NINE weeks at # 1, making it the biggest album of 1972. Now, CHICAGO V is fleshed out with an early take of Terry Kath's fine "Mississippi Delta Blues", a backing track for "A Song For Richard And His Friends" (which appeared on the live CHICAGO AT CARNEGIE HALL) and the single version of "Dialogue". And take it from me, it all sounds GREAT. A well-done reissue.

спасибо JaggerV за рип
спасибо kokiku и другим друзьякам


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