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Windows 98 Revolutions Pack Lite 6

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Revolutions Pack Live 6 Release Notes

  • 7 Languages supported: English, Dutch, France, Polish, Spanish, Russian and Italian.
  • ^^ You can change your Windows language after installing!
  • Vista Basic ('RC1') styling
  • ^^ That means new super-improved skinning engine!
  • Improved installation&uninstallation
  • ^^ That means no longer restore.bat, SP2 and other bull****!
Too much changes to list.
Instead, some useful info:

  • You've probably already extracted archive contents and started setup.exe.
  • Now, there are prerequisites your system should met.
  • And Next button.
  • Click it!
  • Darn good.
Installation notes
  • It is good to reboot before trying to install.
  • If "Sorry" dialog pops up, you should do what it says.
  • Make sure your computer is not more than 6 years old.
  • Make sure that you have turned off all that Windows ME file protection.
  • ^^ and make a good backup if you want to try RPLite6 on that OS.
  • Now you're probably disappointed in RPLite6.
  • Go to Control Panel, select 'Revolutions Pack 6 Components' (or something like that in your language)
  • And remove it.
  • Got bad webview? Fix it by running regsvr32 webvw.dll. Make sure that %windir%\web exists.
  • ^^Lameskin. This is a name for the RPLite6 skinning technology.
  • It is enabled but not activated by default.
  • There are 3 skins installed with RPLite6.
  • Find them in Display Properties->Appearance.
  • Press Apply.
  • Tweak fonts. Tweak Something Else.
  • Press Apply. And so forth.
  • Use rpconfig (Start-Run-rpconfig.exe) to completely disable or enable LameSkin.
Setup.exe <very useful> switches
setup.exe [/silent | /verysilent] [/noinstall] [/noreboot] [/nobackup] [/nomui] [/warez]

Installs Windows 98 SE Revolutions Pack Lite 6.
  • /silent: install automatically, display all dialog boxes and errors, if any.
  • /verysilent: install does not display dialog boxes and skips errors, if any.
  • /noinstall: copies, extracts and patches all files into %temp%\TempRP, but does not execute install.inf's.
  • /noreboot: does not automatically reboots.
  • /nobackup: does not perfom system backup.
  • /nomui:  Don't copy MUI files and save 20+ MB of disk space.
  • /warez: FORCE install with Shell Update without Windows ME CD.
  • ^^ You'll probably end with trashed installation and that's all.
With auto (silent) installing, components requiring Windows ME CD will be skipped if [HKLM\Software\Revolutions Pack] "LastPath" won't contain path to Win ME cab files.
If you don't want to install some components, you may trick Setup by deleting folders with unnecessary components and using /verysilent key which doesn't fail on errors while installing.

Revolutions Pack Lite 6

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